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plan one
1000 Megabyte of space.
Up to 25 Post-office boxes.
Cpanel, Fantastic, 1 MySql.
Immediate automatic and
to contract one
plan two
2000 Megabyte of space.
Up to 35 Post-office boxes.
Cpanel, Fantastic, 2 MySql.
Immediate automatic and
to contract two
plan three
3000 Megabyte of space.
Up to 45 Post-office boxes.
Cpanel, Fantastic, 3 MySql.
Immediate automatic and
to contract three
plan four
4000 Megabyte of space.
Up to 55 Post-office boxes.
Cpanel, Fantastic, 4 MySql.
Immediate automatic and
to contract four
Hosting We emphasized the importance of owning our own servers
to datacenter
of hosting, which among others means things that we have physical access.
Connectivity Carrier Class
We are connected to connections double route in system to carrier class of 100 national Megabyte.
Simply it flies and it enjoys the UpTime major the Country.
The best applications and tools Web prepared to use of way fast and easy in your Web hosting. With few steps you will have your applications in line, those that are included in all the plans of Hosting.
* Totally free!
* Easy access from its Control Panel

Last Update: 14/05/2019
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Our proposal, is to offer the best and the affordable hosting service of high quality, cradle in a staff of executives certificates by Cpanel and always oriented to solve its restlessness in a minimum time of answer of serious and responsible form. In addition to assuring that its information this always available one reliable way and Integra in our servant.

Accessible service
Hosting this located physically in Manuel Montt commune of Providence, Stgo. Given the nonexistence always of offices of attention in other companies that offer the same service from the Internet. Hosting counts on it jeopardize technical support totally certificate by Cpanel accessible the one that can be asked for through contact email, telephone calls or by means of visits properly announced previously.

Reliable service
To a better and reliable service and vps hosting it has the use of electronic invoice, which is issued after notified the payment of hosting. Our clients can also concur in case they require it to meetings with our executives of sales, invoicing or technical support. In addition to telling on a strict structure of political on attention the client, where the fundamental thing is to establish confidence bows.

Hosting service
The service of lodging offered by Hosting , is characterized to maintain a constant monitoring on its servers, fulfilling but the high standards of security concerning machine and application. The service consists of offering an accessible, reliable space surely and in addition which can be administered by the client through the best platform of lodging in the industry, Cpanel.

In case of happening some lost one of data we counted on a rigorous and effective system of endorsements for all our clients which is generated every day of periodic form, leaving to a copy of the endorsement of the week and previous month at the disposal of our support and administration.

Registry of Domains
In order to facilitate the registry of domain to our clients, we offer this service as a intermediaries between the client and the organization of registry as for example NIC Chile.

Hosting Wordpress
Our unlimited web hosting is compatible with the Content Manager Wordpress System, one of the managers of used contents but in the world, as much by its great versatility, subjects available in the Internet and its easy manipulation. But which also needs a correct administration and it is always recommended to visit official forums of software informative way and to be always to the current one on new patches of security available.

Hosting Joomla
Nowadays a great variety of managers of contents exists between which the great favorite for dynamic portals is without a doubt Joomla. The one that characterizes on the rest by the variety of plugins and modules for the same application with which is to have precaution enough since sometimes these contain malicious virus or codes. For the creation of a better atmosphere of security for his hosting is recommended to unload and to install plugins or extensions of joomla from the official pages and greater security to investigate in the forums of joomla about the extension to use altogether with constantly updating joomla to its safe version but.