Lea carefully the conditions of the service of Web Hosting

Entre Dch Comunicaciones Ltda., domiciled for these effects in Manuel Montt 099 of.203 Santiago de Chile Providence, in future Dch, and the Client, has been agreed the following contract of benefit of services:

FIRST: The client agrees upon contracting with Dch the service of dedicated server hosting, which will allow to tell him on a space in the Dch servers, the servant could be accessed or be visited by the users of the Internet network.

SECONDLY: It will not be responsibility of Dch, the following conditions registered in or regulators:

- Domain exists.
- Publication domain.
- Domain with any other type of restriction, within the 30 days in publication (Only for requests .cl)

In the event that the asked for Domain is rejected by regulator, the client will have to indicate the name of the new Domain To register.

THIRD PARTY: Dch does not become person in charge before the following events:

- You cut of the Electrical provision, brought about by the Companies of Electricity.
- Earthquakes, that they prevent to give an optimal or complete service.
- Floods that they prevent to give an optimal and complete service.
- Fires in our dependencies, other people's to our responsibility.
- You cut of National and/or International Connections, provided by Companies suppliers of Internet.
- Any Natural catastrophe that they prevent to give an optimal and complete service.
- Badly use of the access accounts, Dch forces to its Clients by security to have an endorsement of all the information who maintain in our servers.
- Delay of the Client in the change of DNS for the correct activation of the service on the part of Dch.
- Delay in the crossing of the DNS, on the part of the Company previously contracted by the client (old supplier on watch of Web Hosting).
- Robberies in our Facilities.

QUARTER: Dch, is committed before any event different from the detailed one in the previous point (THIRD PARTY), to serve optimum and stable, as well as within 48 hours to give to solution to the misfortunes or problems that are of our responsibility.

FIFTH: Dch, will not have responsibility some by the content and the information that the client lodges in our servers, despite the previous thing, Dch, will be able to put term to the present vps web hosting service and at any time, if in his opinion, the information lodged by the client in our servers attempts against the effective law , the moral and moral convention, or affects third people, including the shipment of not asked for massive post office (SPAM).

SIXTH: The client commits himself not to saturate the servant with no type of program that attempts against the yield of the machine, including the shipment of not asked for massive post office (SPAM), the servant automatically will block the Domain by a period smaller to 24 hours., if this is repeated during 3 times in an equal period to 1 year, will not automatically eliminate the Domain of the Servers being Dch, released of any responsibility, not this allowed the lodging of Mp3 content (without author rights), contained of pornographic material that attempts or harms our legislation, being Dch, released of any responsibility and with the faculties of to give this information to the institutions that guard by the fulfillment of these norms, Dch, will give all the information in case the client harms this clause.

SEVENTH: The Commercial conditions of the present service, could be modified by Dch, previous notification to the client with an anticipation of at least 30 days to the use of the new conditions, for such effect would be used the e-mail of the client, if the client does not accept the new commercial conditions of the present service, will be able to put term to him to the same, communicating their intention to Dch, before the entrance in use of the new conditions, without cost for him, otherwise accepting by the client would be entedaran these.

EIGHTH: The client contract the service of Web Hosting and commits himself to pay to Dch, by the contracted period and the tariff indicated in the activation mail.

NINTH: In the case of blackberry or simple retardation in the payment of the contracted service, Dch has the faculty to suspend this service, the replacement of this would be realised once all the positions pending and owed by the client are pleased, Dch would not give no information of the client lodged in our servers but the total payment of the debt, or website, data bases is completed, post office, or any information lodged in our servers.

TENTH: The present service will last indefinite, and anyone of the parts will be able to put term to him declaring its will in such sense, in a written letter and by email electronic shipment to the other, this warning must be before the date of emission of the next invoice, otherwise the client must cancel this one.

*** Despite previous, the Dch will not realise returns of money to those clients who cancelled of form anticipated per periods superiors to a month, and who wish ahead of time to put term to him to this contract at the end of the cancelled periods, with the exception that Dch does not fulfill an optimal and expeditious service and that it is of its exclusive responsibility, as *** is stipulated in the point FOURTH